4 Best Ways to Bribe Your Toddler Into Potty Training

toddlerI don't want to use the potty. I just want to play. Can we watch Cars? How about play basketball. I want to play basketball. (Nice tactic trying to change the subject.) Can we play? Please. I just want to play. Will you just play with meeee? (Tugs at the heartstrings.)

Mommy wants me to use the potty just because. I do at school but not at home. I don't like it. But I don't like it when pee is in my pants. I just want mommy to fix it. I can't. I can't do it. (Runs away.) Why? I can't tell you why. How?


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The Best Ways to Bribe Your Toddler Into Potty Training According to Hunter:

1. Promise to buy them something. Do you have a present for me? 

2. Keep asking over and over and over and over with promises of buying something. Mom, what’s your question again?

3. Make the potty just like a toy. I don’t like the potty because I want to play for a second.

4. Let them pee on a choo choo. Mom, you see that choo choo train over there? 

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