4 Brilliant Ways to Diffuse a Toddler Tantrum

Sometimes I get mad. Sometimes my brother wants my toy and steals it or, worse, he wants me to play superheroes with him and I just want to play unicorns and he gets really mad that I don't want to play superheroes so I get really mad, too. Tantrum. Sometimes I just want to do something and mommy says no. I tell her that I'm sad I disappointed her and she seems to really like that. Then I say sorry. Sometimes when I'm bad, nothing happens. Sometimes I cry or scream.

But I know the secrets to stopping a tantrum.


1. Give me a card. I like those. With crayon marks on it. Or markers. In purple.

2. Give me a present. I like those things. Like my Moo Moo. Or a unicorn. Purples ones.

3. Sit down and talk to me. I love mommy.

4. Hugs.

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Image via Michele Zipp

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