Aquadoodle -- Creativity That Runs on Water!


The following is a post from our sponsor, Aquadoodle.

Imagination and creativity play an important role in your child’s intellectual growth and development, and Aquadoodle™ offers a fun, safe, and mess-free way for children to develop creative minds.

What makes Aquadoodle so great for kids?

Safe - Runs on water! Perfect for a child’s first pen.

Reusable - Can be used again and again!

Mess-Free - No cleanup necessary!


The Aquadoodle™ Classic Mat allows children to draw and doodle in 4 different colors using only water! And when the water dries, the mat returns to a blank canvas that can be drawn on again and again like magic.

With fun, safe, and mess-free activities in every set, Aquadoodle™ is the perfect choice for your child’s first step in a lifetime of drawing, writing, and creativity.

What will your child create with Aquadoodle?

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