How to Tell if Your Toddler Isn't Ready for Preschool

play doughOne minute you're holding your newborn baby, next thing you know, your little one is already 3 years old! Time to sign up for preschool. Time for dress-up, play dough, sandboxes, snack time, and singing in circle time. Yay!

But wait -- maybe you think your toddler is ready for preschool. But is he, really? Is the preschool ready for her? Better think this through a bit, first. Here are some signs your toddler might not be so ready for preschool after all.


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1. When you ask your toddler, "Show Mommy your knee!" he bites you on the knee.

2. Whenever you introduce your kid to anther child, the first thing he says is "MINE!" and tries to tear the kid's hair off her head.

3. Your child only knows one word: NO.

4. You haven't been able to wrest your kid's security blanket out of her hands long enough to wash out the E. coli, snot, vomit, dirt, and chocolate pudding and it's been declared a bio-hazard by the local health department.

5. You're down to just eight tantrums a day -- hooray! That's still not low enough.

6. Your kid will only nap after 15 renditions of "The Mermaid Cafe" in five different languages, exactly three tablespoons of strawberry yogurt, two trips to the potty, and the sight of your exasperated tears.

7. Your child's food allergies list is longer than the novel War and Peace.

8. You have a really picky eater: He only eats other kids' food.

9. Your child knows all the words to "This Is the Song That Never Ends" and has been singing it since October.

10. Your child takes an ideological stand against learning letters and numbers.

Does any of this sound familiar? I dunno, that might mean you need to wait a bit before unleashing your child up on the public. But hey, I'm not judging! Just looking out for those intrepid preschool teachers.

Have you ever wondered if your child is really ready for preschool?


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