New Potty Training Chair Sounds Terrible for the Whole Family (VIDEO)

ipottyMoms, do you feel like there's something missing from your toddlers' lives? Not enough noise, maybe? Not enough electronic gadgets? Do you feel like maybe they're just not getting enough screen time?!? Well here's something we've all been wishing for: iPotty!

It's a potty chair with a holder for an iPad. Now your little darling can watch her favorite cartoons while she makes poopy. Just like Daddy! Oh why oh why did we not hear about this exciting and very necessary wonder before the holidays?


Where do I begin in expressing why this whole notion gives me a headache? Maybe for starters, it deprives your kid of their stare-at-the-wall time. We all need it. Grown-ups need it, and kids need it. I love my staring-at-the-wall time. I like to think quietly and clear my head. Plus, it moves things along a little more quickly, ahem. And that's the other thing about the iPotty.

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Especially when kids are just learning to use the potty, they need to focus on the task at hand. I kind of feel like these distractions can slow down the whole process, if you know what I mean. Some things take a little bit of concentration. And the bathroom is a place to get things done, not to linger. It's not a theater.

And finally -- hygiene anyone?!? Doesn't that iPad get used by other members of the household? I know the iPotty has a special cover that protects the screen, but ech! The iPad just does not belong in the bathroom no matter how old the user is, even if it has a special holder. No. And no. And no.

Do you think the iPotty is a good idea for potty-training kids?


Image via CNET

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