Gourmet Food Delivery Service for Toddlers Means Moms Have No Excuses for Unhealthy Eating

toddler eatingIt's a trend sure to elicit eye rolls from much of the world for sure -- delivery services that bring fancy gourmet meals to toddlers. It's happening in New York at an increasing rate, where parents fork out big bucks for toddler meals that, according to the New York Post, include such fantastic fare as grilled arctic char with herbed quinoa, peanut butter yam soup, and organic turkey sliders stuffed with barley, kale, and raisins on a brioche bun. Seriously.

According to the paper, there are a host of companies that will bring specially prepared children's lunches and dinners such as these to one's door. Of course, it's not cheap. One company charges $180 for five lunches and five dinners, which could feed a family of five for at least a week -- albeit not organic yam soup. 


So is this yet another example of parents outsourcing something they should be doing themselves -- cooking for their children -- or an extreme example of excessive wealth for spoiled rich kids?

I don't think so. In fact, I find it brilliant. If I had the money and lived in New York, I would probably be all over something like this. Of course, that's a big IF.

Feeding my kids healthy, varied meals is one of my biggest goals as a parent, and frankly I did a pretty darn good job of it with my son. But since then we have had another child, and work schedules changed. Our lives have grown busier and busier. While I used to see no excuse to NOT make sure your child ate this way, now I find myself smack in a pile of excuses as to why my child has had chicken nuggets three nights in a row (they're organic, but still). This service would certainly eliminate those excuses.

As mom Natasha Gural-Mailello told the paper, "Since I work from home with only a part-time nanny, it really helps me optimize the time I spend with him.”

So I get it, even if my kids will likely never get anything like this. From the time it takes to shop for the ingredients to planning the menu to actually cooking the foods, that's a lot of time that I could be spending doing something fun with my kids instead. It would be pretty incredible.

Those who scoff at it are likely jealous ... and probably the same people who would crucify a parent for serving their children fast food. Parents gets pretty judgy when it comes to what other parents feed their kids, don't they?

So yes, it seems crazy, but only in the best possible way. I'm adding such a service to my dream list ... right next to the beach house with a Brad Pitt-lookalike pool boy.

Would you want to use a gourmet food delivery service for your kids?


Image via Shyn Darkly/Flickr

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