'Play With Kids': The Important Thing Missing From Your To-Do List Today

Lex and meIt's the time of year when I am pulled in a thousand different directions. From gift-buying to decorating to meal-planning, my to-do list feels never-ending. To be honest, that is how it goes no matter the season. It's far too easy to get wrapped up in all the things we feel we need to do. But as I ran around this weekend, I got an important reminder from my 4-year-old son.

As I flitted in and out of our apartment, he looked at me and said, "Mama, you have to have time to play." It could have been one of those cute kid-isms that you just smile at and keep going, but it really made me press the pause button. He was so right.


Life gets so crazy sometimes, we have to force ourselves to remember that parenting isn't just about packing lunches, shopping, cleaning, and disciplining. It's about having fun with our little ones too. That means a heck of lot more to them than any grocery list.

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It's so important for us to bond with our children -- and not just during those once-a-year family vacations. It should be a constant goal. I love it when I see parents sharing a passion for something with their kids. I recently came across a photo of Tony Hawk riding a skateboard with his toddler daughter on it. It was such a sweet moment. You could just feel the joy radiating from her face. Of course, only a pro-skater dad like Tony Hawk could safely get away with something like that, but there is plenty we can share with our kids. I love drawing. I'm not good at it, but I love doing it. So on some Saturdays, we go to a family art class at a local studio. It's great way to spend a couple hours together. Other times, we build elaborate tracks for his Thomas trains or make Play-Doh shapes. Even still, I need more "playtime" with my adorable little guy.

So when you are crazed this holiday season, remember to take a moment to play, build, or draw something. Play tag, ride scooters, or do a round of duck-duck-goose. These are the things he cherishes, and as a result, you most definitely will too. Besides, no one ever regretted spending too much time with their kids.

How do you spend quality fun time with your kids?


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