11 Totally Terrific Gifts for Toddlers Under $20

11 Totally Terrific Gifts for Toddlers Under $20

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'Tis the season to be checking those lists twice and taking the mall by storm. If there's a toddler (or five or a dozen) on one of the shopping lists, the choices can be overwhelming. It seems like kids this age want everything and nothing all at the same time. Plus, gifts for even these littlest ones can really add up during the holiday season, so it's good to have some budget-friendly toddler gift ideas at the ready. 

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Kids in their toddler years are some of the most enthusiastic recipients of holiday gifts. They see magic and possibility in the bows and the boxes and almost vibrate with enthusiasm and anticipation when they see a package with their name on the gift tag. No need to spend a fortune to wow them either. They're also at the age where their imaginations are blooming, and they find fun in even the smaller, simpler gifts. 

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Never fear -- we've got several budget-friendly toddler holiday gift ideas covered! Here are 11 toddler favorites that are also super affordable. In fact, everything on this list is under $20, and there's something for every toddler on the list to love.

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