7 Potty Training Ploys for Parents Desperate to Make Their Kids 'Go' (PHOTOS)

7 Potty Training Ploys for Parents Desperate to Make Their Kids 'Go' (PHOTOS)

child's urinalOh the crazy things we'll to do potty train our kids. We all know the basics: Start when they're ready. Keep big-kid undies and lots of towels handy. Be patient. Be really, really patient. No pressure!

Some of our tricks and tips aren't too crazy. Rewarding with stickers? No problem. Rewarding with candy? Um ... now you're getting controversial. Hanging out in the bathroom, just reading and singing songs? Someone looks a little loony. If our childless friends could see some of the other tricks we'll try, they'd never stop laughing. But they can laugh all they want. We just do what works!

  • Cheerio Target Practice


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    No, not as a treat. If your little boy has trouble aiming, you can toss in a Cheerio or Froot Loop and encourage him to aim straight for the little cereal (maybe even the center!). Bonus: It's safe to flush. But you do have to get to the toilet before he does. I hear a ping pong ball works, too, because you can't flush it.

  • Dye the Water



    You put blue food coloring in the water. Then, when your child goes to pee, it changes colors. Neato! And silly. When guests come over and ask about the blue water, just look at them like they're nuts and say, "What color is the water in your toilet?"

  • Make Bubbles



    Along the same lines as the blue/green water, try dishwashing liquid. The, ahem, stream of pee will produce bubbles.

  • Go Pantsless



    Not you -- your child. I let my son hang out a few hours each day pantsless. He got the connection between his penis and the wet stuff really quickly. On the other hand, it was pretty messy.

  • Play With Dolls



    Use one of those dolls that "pee" water -- or use a dropper -- and pretend the doll has peed her pants. Then you say, "No, no, use the potty!" and you take her there. And you do that over and over again. I'm not sure what you do when your kid tries to take the doll away and play some other game, like Tea Time or Watch the Dog Chew on Its Head Again.

  • Children's Urinal


    Yes, they make that. You hook it to the side of the toilet. I'm thinking it's easier to reach down there -- but you can't exactly poo in it, so what then? You have that and a potty chair in the bathroom? 

  • Vodka


    For you. Because potty training can be frustrating! Does Mommy need a few M&Ms?

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