Popular Mini Scooter Recalled: Everything You Need to Know

mini micro scooterIt's the scooter nearly every kid in my neighborhood learns to ride on: The Kickboard USA "Mini Micro." And over 5,600 of these scooters are being recalled! Apparently they have a laceration hazardThe plastic wheel cover could break and possibly cut the child riding it. Yipes.

Does your kid have one of these? Whether you bought yours online or from a local shop this summer, you'll need to check those serial numbers.


The affected scooters were sold between May and July of this year. Look at the bottom of the scooter to find a sticker. The following model numbers/serial numbers are in the recall.

  • Model Number MM0079 with Serial Number 00061617 to 00064364 and 00064767 to 000065762
  • Model Number MM0080 with Serial Number 00066371 to 000666401 and 00097291 to 00098286
  • Model Number MM0109 with Serial Number 00093571 to 00093870
  • Model Number MM0113 with Serial Number 00067871 to 00068370I

Kickboard USA is giving out free replacements for all recalled scooters -- which is great, because these scooters are wonderful for kids learning to ride. What I like about them is that they have two wheels in the front, which makes balancing so much easier for toddlers and small children. They're also usually really well made -- which is why I'm surprised by the recall. But these things happen. Safe riding, everyone!

Does your child have a scooter like this one?


Image via Kickboard USA

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