Potty Training Diapers Now Come With Alarms to Scare the Crap Out of Your Kids

potty patrol diapersPotty training! Fun times it is not. I can deal with pee pee accidents, but poop of the mushy variety stresses me out. I prefer the marbles. Of course, the wear no diapers route for potty training isn’t for everyone, which is why someone invented Potty Patrol, potty training alarm diapers. Yes, parents, it’s a diaper that has an alarm go off when it starts to get wet. And then it plays "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

I kid you not.

Um, shouldn't it be “tinkle tinkle little star" instead? Invented by two dads who combined have potty trained nine kids, these special diapers set off the sounds so everybody knows to get the kid to the potty posthaste, and the training begins!


Hey, whatever works. The dads claim this will help kids potty train faster and give them more confidence and dignity. All things I am into for my kids. But I can’t help but feel the alarm would literally scare the crap out of my son, making him never ever want to pee or poo for fear of the next time the alarm went off. You should see my kids when I burn things and the smoke alarm goes off. Complete panic! Tears! And me fanning the ceiling with two terrified toddlers gripping onto my legs.

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So now this alarm sound will be coming from the diaper itself, attached to my kid? And it goes off when they start to tinkle? And then they hear "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" afterward? Of course the alarm wouldn't be as loud as a smoke alarm, but still. This is triggered by peeing. Would that be frightening for the kids? Would they come to expect this after each and every bathroom sensation? Will it ruin the song, forever banishing it from our nighttime sing-a-longs? Is there any kind of weird association we need to be concerned about?

I want to potty train my kids fast and say goodbye to diapers forever just like any parent. So expensive! This tactic might work great for some, and I’d love to hear from you if it did. But potty training this way might not be the right thing for my little ones. Then again, this goes for any and all things parenting-related. So again, whatever works.

What do you think of Potty Patrol diapers? Would you try them? Have you?


Image via Potty Patrol

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