Kids & Veggies Go Together Better Than You Think

brocccoliIt's time to put this ridiculous myth to rest: Kids don't like eating vegetables. That's a bunch of baloney! Plenty of kids actually do like eating veggies, and now there's a survey to prove it. Researchers talked with 500 families and found that 83 percent of the kids actually had a "favorite" vegetable. Not just a veg they can stand eating, but one they actually like.

Now here's the really interesting part: About half of the kids surveyed named the same vegetable as their favorite as their moms did. So moms, we may have some influence on which veggies our kids like. Do kids inherit our taste or are they just swayed by what they see us enjoying? Or as my mom would say, "Monkey see, monkey do." And which veggies come out on top?


Who knows how much veggie preference is inherited and how much is taught. It's probably a little bit of both. It does seem like super-picky kids tend to have at least one super-picky parent (even if the other parent is a total omnivore), so it doesn't surprise me that many kids have the same favorite veggie as their moms do. As for the top veggies, corn and broccoli top the list.

  • Corn (32.2%)
  • Broccoli (29.4%)
  • Carrots (23.2%)
  • Green beans (17.2%)
  • Potatoes (11.8%)
  • Tomatoes (11.4)

I know my son loves broccoli, too. But we've kind of burned out on it a few times so it's good to have a few in rotation. He also loves green beans, cucumbers, and kale -- but only the way I cook it (why?). And he loves tomatoes, which is great because we've got about 20 tomato plants all ripening right now.

I bet a lot of you could name a few vegetables your kid likes to eat, too. Where did we even get this idea that kids hate veggies? I just told my son the story about Popeye and how he used to eat spinach from a can and I thought, Wow, if that's how people used to get their vegetables, no wonder they were so unpopular. I say, get 'em while they're young. If we just feed kids veggies like they're delicious, it may not even occur to them that they're "supposed to" hate veggies.

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Anyway, full disclosure: this study was funded by the frozen veggies company Birdseye, so, you know ... big surprise that they found out kids like vegetables. Still, there are worse things that doing research to promote veggie-eating. And since it's the middle of summer there's no reason to buy frozen veggies because we're surrounded by super-fresh ones.

What are your kids' favorite vegetables?


Image via La Grande Farmer's Market/Flickr

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