5 Kids' Birthday Ideas to Transform Your Home Into the Ultimate Party Pad

Angry Birds partyAre you one of those parents who insists on having your child's birthday parties in your home instead of holding it at a bowling alley, movie theater, or some other public venue (where you don't have to clean up the mess)? Because if you do prefer home parties, it can be kind of tough to come up with fun ideas to make your child's party really stand out from all the rest.

However, if you go with a general theme to keep things simple yet interesting, it's much easier to turn your home into a party pad your kids and their guests will never forget. And depending on what theme you select, you may actually wind up enjoying getting the house ready just as much as watching your child blow out the candles on the cake.


Here are 5 amazing kid's birthday party theme ideas to help you transform your home into your child's birthday fantasy.

1. Angry Birds Party: This has to be one of the biggest kid crazes out there right now -- and Angry Birds parties are definitely all the rage. If you aren't up for ordering decorations or heading to the party store to pick them up, you can create your own birds & pigs by using colored construction paper.

2. Eloise Sleepover Party: OMG. This party idea seriously makes me want to be a little girl again. There are a whole host of fun Eloise decoration ideas -- even a hotel registration table!

3. Willy Wonka Party: With candy decorations hanging from the ceilings, this theme is bound to give kids (and parents) the best sugar high ever.

4. Vintage Superhero Party: With skyscraper decorations & superhero capes, this party theme will make little boys feel like they're in the middle of their own comic book adventure.

5. "Tangled" Princess Party: If you have your own pint-sized princess, this party theme has tons of decoration ideas for making your little girl feel like Rapunzel.

What are some of the best birthday decorations you've ever seen?

Image via TinyPrintables/Flickr

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