Cute Chubby Toddlers Could Grow Up to be Big, Fat Adults

stay puft marshmallow manEverybody loves a chubby toddler. I'm not kidding, either. A study shows moms prefer pump toddlers. And, well, yeah! That's what I've always preferred, too. I remember when my son was around two -- he was kind of a skinny little guy and I worried about him because he didn't have that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man look I saw on other children.

But when I brought it up with our pediatrician she just shrugged it off. My son was perfectly healthy, not wasting away. In fact, that chubby toddler ideal is actually not so healthy after all!


So there's two things about this study that I noticed, though. One is that most of the moms had a distorted view of their kids. They actually though their babies were slimmer than they really are, and they wanted to fatten those children up. Yikes. The other is that the mothers they surveyed are all from the same low-income community. So you can't really say this is how we all are.

I was looking around and noticed a lot of other websites wringing their hands over this study. FAT TODDLERS! OH NOES! But I don't think it's time to panic over this one. If you're taking your child to their pediatrician for regular checkups THAT'S your reality check right there.

Maybe your toddler really is too fat. Maybe she's not. Maybe you want her to fatten up but when you take her to the doctor you find out she's perfectly healthy. Who knows. But this just seems like another one of those news stories that makes us panic over bad parenting when actually we might be just fine.

Do you think your toddler is too slim -- too chubby -- or just right?


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