The Most Stimulating Summer Camps for Toddlers

toddler summer camp
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If your child is in pre-school, right about now you're freaking out about what you're going to do when summer comes and you still have to work, without child care. But let's take it up a notch, shall we?

Sure you can find the local YMCA, or convince your Montessori to have summer options. Or, you can search out an innovative summer program for your tot that will give him a skill at an impressively early age. Why not let your toddler learn how to cook, do magic, or play the Japanese drum this summer? Why not, indeed?

Here are some of the most interesting summer camps around the U.S. where your little one is guaranteed to learn something funky.


San Francisco

Yes, your four year old does want to learn all about Shakespeare, he just doesn't know it yet. But that's why thou shalt want to enroll that little dude in the Bay Area Shakespeare Camp post haste.


Next stop, Second City. But first see if your kiddo has what it takes at Dream Big Performing Arts Camp! There's what is undoubtedly an adorable performance at the end of the session.


You're raising your kids in Brooklyn, so you're going to need to show them some nature. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has workshops and classes year round for children as young as two! Let 'em dig where they won't hit cement.

Los Angeles

You could do a lot worse with your child's summer than teaching her how to yield a light saber. Sign her and her friends up for Jedi Training Camp and they'll be a roving gang of Jedis in no time.


Of course you want your four year old to learn how to make you dinner. The Young Chefs Academy is there to whip your kid into shape in one delicious summer.


Send the kids to the farm this summer to learn where food comes from, and how to make your own cheese. Yes, even the little ones. Send them to Drumlin Farms for the cutest little summer camp in the Northeast.


Don't just take them to Disney every day, why not enroll the kids in iBrick Academy so they can master LEGOs over the summer? You can even start your own camp if you gather up a group, and learn how to teach Engineering 101.


You don't want your Portland kid to learn any old pedestrian instrument, what when she's living in the creative heart of the Northwest. Portland Taiko can solve that dilemma for you by offering up parent-and-me as well as independent courses for your future rocker to first master the Japanese drum.


If you live in Cincinnati, you'd better enroll your kiddo in Cincinnati Baseball School if you want to fit in. Luckily, it's an all ages kind of thing, because you're never too young to learn about a pop-up.

Are you sending your toddler to summer camp?

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