3 Ways Your Toddler Can Grow His Own Garden

garden for toddlersIt's springtime, parents! The rain is falling, which means eventually the grass will be growing, flowers will be blooming, and new life will be all around us. And your picky eater STILL won't be eating his vegetables. We all know that introducing your child to a variety of foods can help increase his appetite for foods outside of the "white" family. But what can really do the trick is if he grows his own tomatoes. After all, how cool is that?

So grab a tiny shovel and start digging. Your toddler can learn where food comes from, and perhaps even eat it, by getting his hands dirty in one of these three easy ways.



It's a garden, it's a game, it's a learning tool for kids! But basically, it's an easy way to start a garden in your own home and sell it to your toddler as "We're growing a pizza!" The kit comes with everything you'll need to make your own meal (sans pizza dough) and sends you little reminders via email to check out your garden as it grows. Add cartoon characters to the mix, and your toddler won't be able to wait to water his Growums. (They also have a taco, herb, and salad garden mix available.)

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Gardening in a Bucket

This lady picked one of these up from her local 4-H club, but you can follow these easy steps and create your own bucket o' garden with your kid. Keep it easy with only one plant for your toddler to nurse, or mix it up and place colorful buckets all over your backyard or windowsill. Cuteness!

Organic Veggie Kit

You too can plant a peck of peppers and see really fast results. For the picky eater, who also has very little patience, these tiny kits sprout quickly and have edible peppers in no time. Salsa for tots, anyone?

Are you going to teach your toddler to garden?


Image via Growums

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