FDA Says BPA Is Safe for Kids, But Moms & Food Manufacturers Know Better

canned foodYou know how we've been complaining about bisphenol A, also known as BPA, in food packaging? The National Institutes of Health say it could harm the health and development of unborn and young children. But what do they know? This morning the FDA ruled yet again that it's perrrrrfectly safe.

But guess who's treating the FDA ruling like a pile of baloney? Besides me, of course. Campbell's and Hunt's have decided to ditch the BPA anyway -- because moms are demanding it. Yeah, someone listened to us! For once!


Ahead of the FDA ruling, Campbell's and Hunt's said they would phase out PBA from their food packaging. This means it won't happen overnight, or even this year. For all I know, it could take decades for them to phase out the PBA. Which means our children's children's children will be safe from BPA in their canned Mars beans, yippee.

I don't feed my family much canned food. Just canned tuna, tomatoes, chick peas, black beans, pinto beans, coconut milk ... aw crap. I feed my family a LOT of canned food.

Dear food companies: Don't drag your heels on this one. While our kids are still young, okay?

Well the good news is the transition is already happening. About 10 percent of the cans at Silgan, the largest can maker in North America, are BPA-free. They're going to keep going because that's what we parents want. But in the meantime, the damage may already be done for too many kids. As far as parents like me go, this transition isn't happening fast enough. But we're glad it's happening.

Do you worry about BPA in your food packaging?


Image via Maureen Lunn/Flickr

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