Diane von Furstenberg at The Gap: What's The Point?

diane von furstenberg the gapI'm a mom who gets a little bit of a high from dressing her kids in cute clothes. There, I admitted it. Which is why when I first heard about the classy and sassy designer, Diane von Furstenberg designing for The Gap Kids and Baby, I felt a flutter. A shopping flutter. I wanted to go there, and snap up wrap dresses in my daughter's small size. In fact, when a fellow school mom did exactly that at the Los Angeles Gap that premiered the collection early, I felt something else: jealousy.

Yet, I'm a busy working mom of two so my opportunities to go storm The Gap were limited, and did not occur until this weekend. With all of the hype, I just assumed the racks would be raided, and all that would be left standing was the display model. I was so totally wrong.


This was the only other little girl, other than mine, shopping in the DVF section at my fancy Gap. And I have a feeling she wasn't buying anything.

diane von furstenberg the gapYou know why? Because it's so ridiculously expensive, it flies in the face of every single designer going mass market mid-range retail plan that has ever existed. Listen, Diane + Gap, if I'd wanted to spend $75 on a designer dress for my child, I'd go shop in Beverly Hills. There are designers who do this every day, and I avoid them because I refuse to spend almost a hundred bucks on an outfit that will either be destroyed on the playground or will sit in the closet until she outgrows it because I feel the need to "save" it.

The Gap has great kid clothes, but they're not expensive. More expensive than Old Navy, yes. But if you hit a sales rack, you'll go home with quality kid clothes at a super affordable price. I love The Gap. But I hate this whole DVF Kids line. You know it's bad when you're contemplating spending $20 on sunglasses for a toddler because it's the cheapest option in the store.

Instead, I headed over to Target for some even more awesome (and cheap) Harajuku Lovers Mini outfits. SO MUCH BETTER. And soooo much more affordable. Now that's how you bring high fashion to discount stores. Go, Gwen!

Did you buy your kids DVF at The Gap?

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