5 Ways to Throw a Breakfast Birthday Party

breakfast birthday partyIf your kids seem to enjoy breakfast more than any other meal of the day, why not start their birthday off with a bang? No, you don't have to send out the Evite for 8:00 a.m., or go to the pony rides at the crack of dawn. There are much easier ways to celebrate a kid birthday party in the early morning hours.

In fact, some fantastic advantages to throwing a breakfast birthday party include, but are not limited to: Easy clean-up, small crowds, lots of inexpressive options, and everyone will want to nap in the afternoon.

Here are five ways you can throw your toddler a fantastic breakfast birthday party:


1. Rainbow Pancakes

Instead of a cake, make a big stack of rainbow pancakes with candles on top.

2. Breakfast Birthday Dance Party

While whipping up your child's favorite breakfast treats, put on her favorite music that also coincides with the special day (and time of day). Start with "Happy Birthday" and move on into "Good Day Sunshine."

3. Coffee Cake/Birthday Cake

It's definitely a morning treat, but also a "cake," which is what makes coffee cake so awesome. Your children will LOVE to get cake for breakfast.

4. Sleepover Breakfast Bar

Plan an epic sleepover, and be sure you rise before the gaggle of kids. Present the breakfast bar of champions by letting kids make their waffles (with supervision!) including fun toppings and shapes.

5. Go Out!

By far the easiest, yet still incredibly exciting, allow your child to pick his favorite breakfast restaurant and head out at the crack of dawn. Even in pajamas.

Have you ever given your child a breakfast birthday party?


Image via globochem3x1minus1/Flickr

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