Toddler Hit By Falling Television Should Wake Us All Up

toddler tv dangerA simple headline in the Chicago Tribune that described a toddler's condition as "serious" instead of "critical" stopped me in my tracks. A two-year-old girl was seriously injured after a 29-inch television fell on top of her. While you might stop and say, "Who lets a toddler play with a television?" it's really not that simple.

After all, big screens attract toddlers like flies to honey. I can't count how many times I've told my own toddler to stop touching the screen. And as a parenting writer, one who has researched child-proofing about 15 too many times, I was shocked to realize my own television was nowhere near bolted to the wall. In fact, we've got quite a few things that could topple down on an unsuspecting, but incredibly curious little person. And you probably do too.

We did a quick check in our house for toddler dangers and this is what we found.


While our television is set back and highly unlikely to fall on a toddler, or anyone, we do live in California. Hello, earthquake. So that's one huge mistake. More frightening, we have a very tall dresser (about five feet) and an even taller armoire in our bedroom that is not braced. Our kids love to play in our room, and no, we're not always in there with them. Did I mention we live where earthquakes happen? And finally, while the dresser in their bedroom is deep into a crevice, that doesn't mean it's any less tempting to climb. Third major fail.

Basically, we have two things in our entire home that are bolted to the wall, and we'd better get our act together quickly. Which I just said to my husband, while giving him the stink eye. He's getting the tools out tomorrow.

What does your home inventory show you about toddler safety?


Image via Joelk75/Flickr

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