5 of the Best Black Friday Deals on Toddler Toys

black friday deals toddler toysWhat's on your toddler shopping list, gang? Unless you're all about making your own toys, shoes, clothes, and everything else a toddler goes through, you're going to be hitting the stores this holiday season. And if you want some good deals, you'll be getting up bright and early on Friday morning.

Before you map your route and head out, see what's in store with these five great places for Black Friday deals on toddler toys.

Ladies, start your engines.


Target has like, a zillion toys on sale for Black Friday and you won't go wrong with this Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube from B. Toys. It's ten bucks off the regular price and you'll have one happy (and busy!) toddler on your hands after he opens this up.

black friday deals toddler toysMore like a Brown Thursday (ugh, what a name!) Toys 'R' Us will be opening at 9pm on Thanksgiving to start this deal ball rolling. Still, call it whatever you want if I can get a Leapster 2 for my kid for only $24.99.

black friday deals toddler toysNot only will your kids eat free at IKEA on Black Friday, but you can pick up plush toys will be half off AND for every one purchased IKEA will donate $1 to Save the Children and UNICEF.

black friday deals toddler toysWhile Macy's is being very secretive about its toy sale, there are hints that Barbie and the Hot Wheels could be scooped up for as low as $5.99. But before you go print this coupon, or text CPN to 62297 to get an extra 15% off!


black friday deals toddler toysJust watch your back as you step into Wal-Mart on Black Friday, but if you're tenacious you can take home this Disney Princess 6V Mini Quad Ride-On for ten dollars off the original price.


Where do you find the best deals on Black Friday?



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