Shocking Facts About Battery Safety Could Save Your Toddler’s Life (VIDEO)

the battery controlledKids get into everything -- and just when you think you're safely babyproofed, your child finds something you forgot. But the sad story of a toddler who swallowed a coin-sized lithium battery and nearly died is a reminder we need to be more vigilant.

There is a safety campaign called The Battery Controlled by Energizer that educates us about safe battery use around young children. It's eye-opening to see where all these potentially deadly batteries live and how easily our kids can swallow them.

  • In 2010 a whopping 3,400 children swallowed a battery.
  • 80 children nationwide have suffered permanent injuries.
  • Within the past 6 years, 11 children have died from swallowing a battery.

I'm amazed that there have been so many incidents of children swallowing batteries! Not every child who swallows a battery dies or even suffers severe injury. But 11 children dying from this avoidable accident is 11 too many.

Doctors report that swallowed batteries most often come from remote controls, and the video below shows just how easy it is for a remote control to fall and break open, releasing the nickle-sized battery inside. Who but our little toddler scientists are mostly likely to throw or drop our household items -- just to see what happens? And it's at the baby and toddler stages that children are all about exploring with their mouths, which means they put everything they find in their mouths.

Getting important safety information about batteries out to the public is the responsible thing for a battery-producing company like Energizer to do. I'm glad they've started this initiative. But this valuable information won't save lives unless you share it with your friends and neighbors. Pass along the video below, share the Facebook page -- or just pass on the warning verbally, in a phone call, or at the playground.

Were lithium batteries on your radar as a toddler hazard before you read this post? Are you taking steps to protect your child from them?


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