Can a No Vegetable Diet Hurt My Toddler?

toddler vegetables
These are to sit on, right?
After trying everything from having my toddler shop, cook, and eat with us to just plain begging, we're realizing we have a seriously picky toddler on our hands. Not only picky, but opinionated as well. If you call taking one look at whatever vegetable we put on his plate every day and throwing it to the dog, opinionated. Which we do.

The "show him something 12 times" rule or 10 times, or 5, or whatever number has totally not worked on this kid. So we're throwing up our hands and crying "Uncle." We have a kid who simply won't consume vegetables. Or vitamins that look and taste like candy. Come to think of it, he also won't eat candy. What's the worst that could happen?


I don't actually know. I've mentioned it to my pediatrician and she kind of shakes her head and encourages us to keep trying -- both the vegetables and the vitamins. She does not seem worried, however, so we're taking this as a good sign. When I've tried to google "toddler doesn't eat vegetables" what I find are tons of suggestions, many of them good, but they still don't work on my picky toddler. I have not found anything that indicates he will get scurvy, which was my biggest fear. Because that kid also only eats fruit like once a week. What the holy heck?

We do give him bars with fruit inside, and "squeezers" that have apples and carrots. But he'll turn on those if he's in a foul mood. He loves pizza, but I'm gluten-free so I can't just pick up a pie on a regular basis since we try to eat meals together. I also just don't have it in me to make him separate meals and sneak vegetables into pancakes. Plus, he'll notice something is different because he's got a super spidey sense.

So for now he gets zucchini muffins about once a month, those crazy carrot squeezers a few times a week, and a very disappointed look every day at dinner time. Hopefully that will keep him well until one day, he realizes that broccoli is his friend. Or not. I really don't know. But the kid is rarely sick, has tons of energy, and is ridiculously happy. So for now, I guess we'll just roll with it. As if we have a choice.

What do you think is the worst that could happen to a toddler who won't eat vegetables?

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