5 Kid Items That Are REALLY Dangerous for Adults

toddler swing adultThe next time you go to the playground, be on the lookout for strange adults hovering around, getting the lay of the land. Some people like to use the toddler equipment for themselves, even if they're about 17 years too old and 100 pounds too heavy. And, let's just say it, probably about two sheets to the wind.

Like the 21-year-old California man who found himself stuck in the toddler swing, aka the diaper swing. On a bet (of course) the young man lathered himself up with liquid laundry detergent and squeezed into the swing around 9 p.m. and didn't leave until 6 a.m. And that was only after the paramedics came, cut down the swing, and took him to the ER where an orthopedic cast saw was used to cut him out. His friends left him hanging and, I'm assuming, $100 richer.

This all is to say, leave toddler stuff to the toddlers. I realize it's tempting, but just in case you can't leave it well enough alone, here's a list of other items that should only be enjoyed by the 4 and under set.


1. Toddler Potty Seat

Unless you want to wind up like Mr. Laundry Detergent Pants up there, keep your butt out of the toddler potty.

2. Plasma Cars

Yes it's possible to get an adult on one of those self-driving kid cars, but you look like a crazy person.

3. Diapers

Enough with the adults acting like babies thing! I don't care if you get government money for doing it, it's disgusting. Please stop. Thank you.

4. Elmo

Most likely the pitch of Elmo's voice will make your ears ring painfully enough to keep you away. But just in case, remember the Elmo collectibles and T-shirts are only cute for toddlers.

5. Toddler Nail Clippers

Unless you think it's a good time to spend an hour or so clipping your nails, then, by all means, take these tiny clippers and go to town on your feet and hands!

What other toddler things should be off-limits to adults?


Image via Kevin Dooley/Flickr

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