Really Beautiful Pictures of Kids Throwing Tantrums (PHOTOS)

child having tantrumRemember these days? Tantrums pretty much suck. There's really nothing good that you can say about having to experience one, especially when it happens in a very public store, church, or crowded airport. So some moms have decided not to fight the useless battle to get their kid to shut it, but to give in to it and make some beautiful artwork out of it. The following photos are so pretty, they almost make you long for those days gone by, make you wonder if those meltdowns were really that bad, appreciate the pleasure in ... nah.


child having tantrum

The old trying to comfort the young -- or let's hope.


toddler having tantrum

Let's see how big and terrifying looking I can get my mouth ...


child pouting

The calm before the storm.


baby throwing tantrum

The sit-in.


baby tantrum

The evil stare.



Growwwwl, roooaarrr, gaahhhh give me my way or I'm going to eat you!!!!

Have you captured your children's tantrums on camera?


Images via Bethany L. King; Francisco Carbajal; Amy McTigue; allspice1; Vivien Chen; nerissa's ring; mdanys/Flickr

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