Potty Training: Pull-Ups, Diapers, or What?

potty training pull-upsIn my incredibly laissez-faire potty training adventures, it recently came to my attention that perhaps we're doing it wrong. Of course we are. After all, we're not consistent, we're kind of letting our boy lead the way, kind of blackmailing him into staying on the potty, and kind of leaving it up to his pre-school to get the job done. Not particularly effective for getting that pee-pee in the potty.

But when I went to the store and bought some Pull-Ups, I thought I was getting ahead of the game. "Look!" I said to my perplexed 2 1/2-year-old. "Big boy diapers." He nodded, but was really just stoked about Diego on his pants. It wasn't until later that I found out Pull-Ups were not the preferred undergarment for potty training. Not at his school, anyway.


Apparently there's a whole philosophy that Pull-Ups actually delay potty training instead of helping things along. That they keep your kiddo dry so they don't get uncomfortable and therefore race to the potty to avoid that situation. Additionally, people have said that kids just don't know the difference between a Pull-Up and a diaper. I would agree, except for that whole Diego scenario. My kid totally knows when he is, or is not, wearing Diego on his crotch. He prefers the former.

Still, enough people have warned me away from the Pull-Up road, or rather explained it in a way that makes me realize who the Pull-Up is really for, that I think we're skipping it. Even though my daughter wore them religiously, even though I can see the other side of the argument. We're just going to have to take the next long weekend and let that kid put on underwear and hope for the best. Just in case, I'll have a carpet cleaner on standby.

Did you use Pull-Ups to potty train your child?

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