You're Better Off With a Mama's Boy

mama's boy
My dude
It turns out my mama's boy may actually benefit me in more ways than the toddler hugs and kisses I've been collecting lately. Because apparently a loving toddler boy is much more likely to turn into a loving toddler adolescent and teen. And if you can get through the teen years with some boy-child love, well, I'm thinking you've got it made, right?

This new study actually talks about toddlers who kind of hate on mom rather than the mama's boy. Therefore, it's bad news for those of you out there who are experiencing a lot of toddler conflict with your little boys right now.


Child Development reports that toddler boys who are unusually challenging are likely to grow up into teens who give their mothers problems as well. So I'm deciding the opposite must be true. If my little dude says I'm his best friend, well, maybe I'll still rate somewhere in the top 20 by the time he's a teen.

Of course now we must decide what "unusually challenging" means when you're talking toddlers. All toddlers are challenging. My guy may be in love with mom, but it doesn't mean he's a little zen master. That kid can tornado a room in 10 seconds flat and yell louder than anyone when he's jonesing for something to drink. Also, he loves to say 'no' even while he's giving me a big hug. Unusual? Not sure. Difficult? Definitely, at times.

So I'll hold out hope that this study is true, and that my guy doesn't qualify for unusually difficult. Heck, if he tempers his crazy with love when he's a teen, I'm okay with that too.

Do you have an unusually difficult toddler boy?

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