Toddlers Behaving Badly, But Only Around Mom

toddler behaviorDo you get glowing reports from the day care, even on days when your toddler didn't sleep all night and seemed headed for a melt down? Does your toddler's attitude magically change once the sitter shows up? You might have a case of a mom-punishing toddler. I know I do, and it's not pretty.

While we can take some solace in the fact that our kids act like jerks around us, because we make them feel secure, it is still incredibly annoying that these kids think they can get away with this stuff. At least, these are the crazy things my toddler does around me all the time. Yet, wouldn't be caught dead pulling this stuff with Grandma.


1. Full on kick to the face during diaper time virtually a guarantee. Sitter and grandma say this has never happened to them. NEVER.

2. Won't you be a big boy and pee on the potty? Yes, at day care. No way, mom, at the toilet you should be most comfortable with, that we bought a special ring for, that you can't seem to stay away from when I'm on it.

3. Apparently my boy eats such exotic things as soup at his sitter's house. Yet at home, if it's not a cheese stick, he'll pass.

4. This kid will say thank you to the checker at the grocery store. But to the woman who carried his huge butt around past my due date? Harumph.

5. While I'm grateful I've never seen him putting his hands into electrical outlets at other people's homes, why must he continue his attempt to de-baby proof mine? That's right, "Ow," a shock hurts tiny hands.

Does your toddler behave better when he's away from you?

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