My Toddler Has a Bad Case of the 'Nos'

toddler says no
The "No" Man
My son comes from two families that are chock-full of hard-headed people, so I shouldn't have been surprised when he suddenly decided that "no" was his favorite word. Yet the juxtaposition of a tiny guy being so incredibly defiant when asked to stop riding the dog, was shocking. Ditto when you inform him it's time to turn out the light and stop climbing on top of the toy box to turn it back on every time I leave the room. And I really know he means business when he shakes his head back and forth after declaring that he will not eat his breakfast, nor will he go wash up -- dude is serious then.

Needless to say I've been pulling my hair out lately in the face of such insolence, and the last thing I expected to discover when I started searching the Internets for answers was that he's doing it because I am such an awesome mom.


Yep, my toddler is behaving like a total jerk, because I rule. Huh! You don't hear that every day. Yet the WebMD states plain as day, that toddlers who are constantly on Team No are doing all right. In fact, "researchers found that the children of mothers who had the most positive parenting skills often also displayed the most defiance when asked not to play with a particular toy or pick up toys after playtime."

Then I must be the positive mom of the year, because that kid will not unhand his sister's LEGOS, and forget about getting him to clean up after himself. Additionally, it turns out that children of moms who are depressed are much more compliant, sadly, because they can't trust their mother's reactions.

So the next time my son looks at me and shakes that little head, I'm just going to pat myself on the back for my amazing parenting. Then I'm going to go have a cocktail.

Does your toddler have a case of the nos?

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