7 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Safe Outside

summer fun'Tis the season of summer fun. Backyard barbecues. Splashing in the pool. Screeches of childhood laughter. And unexpected hazards for curious toddlers at every turn.

Keeping the "summer fun" theme going isn't hard. It just means thinking like a toddler, and anticipating what adventures they'll have before they get there!


1. Man the Grill. There's nothing like the smell of yummy food and the open grill cover to draw a toddler to check things out. Until they've learned "hot" means "don't touch," it's better to keep someone on patrol at all times.

2. Avoid the High Grasses. The "jungle" looks inviting, but it's bound to be full of creepy critters -- from snakes that bite to ticks that embed. If they do go in, a full tick check within 24 hours will help prevent Lyme.

3. Any Sun Is Too Much Sun. Too often parents figure an overcast day is a good excuse to skip the sunscreen application battle. But as much as 80 percent of the UV rays can slip through the clouds.

4. Shade Their Eyes. OK, so kids break sunglasses. But their eyes are at a much bigger risk from the sun than an adult's, so stock up on a big supply.

5. Block the Driveway. It's "draw with chalk" season, which also translates to "kids getting run over season." Even if you're standing right there, protect your kids by blocking cars from pulling into your driveway.

6. Never Back Up Without Kids in Sight. Summer means kids playing outside, which means kids darting around at super fast speeds. Make sure an adult is holding your toddler's hand when you go to move your car.

7. Any Water Is Too Much Water. Think a wading pool is perfectly safe? A child can drown in just a few inches of water. Never turn your back on the kids in ANY pool or when there is water about. They can get to the hazard faster than you think.

What are your best tips for summer safety with the curious toddler set?

Image via el7bara/Flickr

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