Diane von Furstenberg Bringing Wrap Dresses to Gap Kids!

diane von furstenbergAfter a couple months of speculation, Gap confirmed today that one Ms. Diane von Furstenberg will be designing children's clothes for the venerable GapKids. The DvF collection will hit stores in March 2012, so don't start lining up at the mall just yet. There's still time.

The famed designer and lover of bold, bright prints will be leaving her maker's mark on everything from cute little onesies for babyGap to more "mature" looks for the girls of GapKids; her purview will be from infant to age 12. And sorry boys, it's girls only.

There are a few reasons that this DvF x Gap collaboration makes a lot of sense ... but I think we should start with what Suri Cruise may have to do with all of this.


I don't want to say that little Suri is a trendsetter, but with the amount of attention she gives to her outfits, maybe we can blame her for the recent uptick in the desire for big name designers to get involved in the kids' sartorial game. Sure, Katie has a lot to do with it too, so perhaps the Katie x Suri collaboration has ultimately led to the market for more designer kids' clothing. Possible, right?

Regardless of inspiration, I'm just curious to see what DvF has in store for us. I hope there are really sweet, mini wrap dresses. I'm serious! Nothing revealing of course, but it could be really cute for a fifth grade graduation party. I hope none of the Housewives get their hands on this collection though and totally sleaze it up on their kids (I'm talking to you, Tamra and Teresa) because I think her clothes will be made for and look adorable on young girls.

Von Furstenberg isn't the only famous name who's designed for GapKids. Stella McCartney debuted her GapKids collection last year, and the playground was abuzz. Her line got rave reviews (so much so that the stores reported petite women were snatching up the largest girls' sizes for themselves). The positive attention eventually led Stella to launch her own line of designer kids' clothes. Could DvF be on the same track?

Let's hope so. But if I were you, I'd buy it at the Gap first where prices are going to be reasonable ... for comparison, Stella's kids' line is at Barneys and girls' jean shorts are going for $78. Oof.

Are you looking forward to DvF's designs for GapKids?

Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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