From Pool to Playground: 4 Cool Summer Shoes for Toddlers

keen shoeSummer days with toddlers are all about transitions: Going from the playground to the pool to the beach to the sprinkler park; dry to wet to sandy to wet again. So when you're shopping for the perfect summer footwear for your little one, you'll want to find shoes that are versatile (both waterproof and sturdy/comfy enough for tackling the jungle gym) and super-easy to get on and off. And of course they have to be cute, like these.

Perfect for adventurous types, these sneaker-sandals from Keen dry out quickly and won't fall off mid-climb. They come in purple, orange, and striped for girls; boys can choose from black with green or blue with gray. Sizes range from infant to youth and go for $50.


teva shoeGenerations of camping enthusiasts can't be wrong: You can't beat Teva when you're taking on the great outdoors. Kids can pick from the classic sandal design or a slightly fancier variation for girlie girls. All sizes available, prices start at $30.crocs

Say what you will about Crocs, these low-maintenance slip-ons didn't take the world of footwear by storm for nothing. They're well-priced, hold up against every kind of abuse imaginable, and kids can put them on and take them off all by themselves. All sizes, starting at $25.speedo shoe

Classic water shoes like this pair from Speedo are my personal favorite for the beach: The bottoms protect against sharp shells and sea pebbles and they do a good job of keeping out sand. Available in every size, prices range from $14.95 to $19.95.

What will be on your toddler's feet this summer?

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