5 Signs of a Horrible Babysitter

worst baby sitters
If this is your babysitter, you might be in trouble
Yet another wandering toddler was found in the middle of a road -- this time in Utah -- and this time, luckily, unharmed. If you call being completely neglected to the point where she was missing for six hours and no one noticed, unharmed. The little girl, who police say is between 2 and 3 years old, was left in the care of not one, not two, but FOUR adults who were supposed to be watching her while the mother was elsewhere. Not one of them even realized the little girl wasn't around.

That's a bad babysitter, y'all. Or babysitters, rather. Which is odd when you think about it. At least one of the four should have had a responsible bone in his or her body, right? Since there were no reports of this being a meth house, let's just assume the mother of the child dropped off the toddler with people she believed would care for her child. Next time, she should be on the lookout for these five signs of a horrible babysitter.

  1. She says, "So, what do toddlers eat, anyway?"
  2. The house is surrounded by pit bulls that attack the fence whenever small children walk by.
  3. He thinks that rated 'R' movies are okay as long your child's eyes are covered during the "bad" parts.
  4. Her couch has a permanent butt print and built-in remote holder, right next to the mini-fridge.
  5. You're pretty sure it's going to take four people to watch your one toddler.

What's the worst babysitter you've ever had?

Image via PugnoM/Flickr

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