My Oddest Potty Training Dilemma So Far

reading while on the toiletKiddo wore regular panties to bed for the first time the other night. Another big potty-training hurdle down. I know there may still be accidents, but -- knock on wood -- we're moving right along with this milestone. However, my kid does something while she's on the potty that has me wondering if it's a good thing or a bad thing ... or if it matters.

My kid reads while she poops. Well, she can't really read, but she likes to hold a book and have me read it to her. Seriously.


I guess my issue is about this becoming a habit. What if she will always need something to read to poop. Fastforward 20-something years. She's at her first job and she has to poop. Makes me think of a guy at my first job who, at about 11:30 every morning, would walk by my cubicle with the TV Guide in hand and make his way to the men's room. I kid you not.  That has to be against some sort of workplace etiquette, right?

Now, I don't like pooping in public anymore than the next gal, but sometimes you have to go. If Kiddo needs reading material, is she gonna lug a book in there with her, as her new boss watches? I hope not.

So, Kiddo likes to read while she poops. Truth be told, both my husband and I enjoy some reading materials as we have our "morning constitutional," so maybe she's just mimicking what we do? That's probably what it is ... right? But, it is just so odd. I mean, she can't read (yet). It makes me wonder how many people do this and pass this habit along to their kids. Not necessarily something I can ask the mom sitting next to me at the PTA meeting ... so I am asking all of you.

Do you read while going to the bathroom? If so, does your kid?


Image via valentinapowers/Flickr

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