Double Strollers Are a Complete Waste

When people found out we were having our babies 18 months apart, almost everyone and their mother told me what kind of double stroller I needed. It was a given, an instant accessory that I wouldn't be able to live without as a mom with two under the age of 2.

So amazing was the Myth of the Double Stroller that I bought into it hook, line, and sinker. I have three double strollers, in fact. I have a double jogger -- the BOB Ironman Duallie -- I have a double just for walking -- The Phil & Ted's E3 -- and one that functions as both a bike trailer and a jogger (and a pulk for cross country skiing) -- the Chariot CX.

We live a very active lifestyle, but I can honestly say that if we didn't bike and run with such regularity, I didn't need any of these strollers. Unless you have twins, the need for a double stroller is just not as great as you might think. And yes, that includes the $1,500 Bugaboo Donkey.


When my children were 18 months and a newborn, I used one single stroller for my daughter and I carried my son in the Baby Bjorn. Once he was 6 months old, I switched over to the Ergo and still pushed my daughter in the single. It was just easier.

The doubles are hard to maneuver, harder to push, and keeping both kids happy proved to be a challenge. It was easier with my infant up close to me and my daughter in the stroller. By the time my son was truly ready for the stroller, my daughter didn't really want to be in it anymore. She was more than happy to walk to the park and library and, quite frankly, it was the healthier choice anyway. Kids are too lazy today. Walking is good for them.

Now my children are 4 and almost 3 and they walk almost everywhere. Nine times out of 10 we don't even bring one stroller, let alone a massive double. And I am left with a veritable stroller wasteland of money spent and wasted on massive behemoths I scarcely needed. Do yourself a favor and skip it from the start.

Unless you have twins or plan to run great distances with the kids, save your cash (and floor space) for more useful items.

Did you use a double stroller?

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