Beach Essentials to Keep Your Toddler Safe

baby on beachBeach season. For the young and carefree, summer means lazy days in the sand, napping, reading a juicy novel, I'll spare you of the rest of the amazing sounding details. But for moms, especially moms of toddlers, the beach can be a dangerous place. The sun's hot rays, the inviting ocean, the sand, sand everywhere -- all can be dangerous to your kid.

So how can you keep your little one safe and make beach season fun for everyone? I've got a list of essentials!

  • Sunscreen -- You'll need a super high SPF and reapply, reapply, reapply. Even when the clouds arrive.
  • A beach umbrella -- Yes. Even with the sunscreen, it's best for your little one to play under a canopy to keep her safe.
  • A wide brim, sun safe hat -- Many sun hats have sun protection built in, so it's best to choose one with that feature to keep baby's face and eyes protected.
  • Swimsuits with function -- The skin that isn't typically exposed is most at danger for burning, so look for baby swim gear with longer sleeves and legs, and protective fabric.
  • Footwear specifically designed for sand and water -- The sand is hot, and little toes need protection.
  • Water bottles and with plenty of water -- Remember, both baby and mama need to stay hydrated.
  • Toys! -- Be sure to bring toys to keep your child occupied and happy. And make sure those toys are good for the sand like little shovels, sand castle makers. Avoid electronic toys and stuffed animals since the sand is not their friend.

What essentials do you take to the beach to keep your child safe?

Image via xelusionx/Flickr

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