Hide-and-Seek & Other Dangerous Toddler Games

hide and seekThis past week, 4-year-old Bryce McCraken of Missouri went missing while playing hide-and-seek. More than 250 people searched for 12 hours, before he was finally found around 11 p.m. about an hour from his home. He thankfully was unharmed, but there's an important lesson to be learned from this story: Hide-and-seek is dangerous for toddlers.

The whole premise of the game is just asking for trouble: Go and hide somewhere creative and don't come out even when I call your name. Do you have any idea how creative toddlers can get?

In Auckland, the game got even more seriously dangerous. A prisoner there has recently admitted to multiple sex acts on children while playing the game of hide-and-seek. While the incidents happened years ago, it still highlights the potential for problems with such a secretive game

Hide-and-seek isn't alone, there are plenty of other games ripe with dangers for toddlers:


London Bridges

Take the key and lock her up, lock her up. Planting the idea in a toddler's head of locking anyone up is asking for trouble.

Red Rover, Red Rover

You really want to encourage your toddler busting through things -- especially people? Beware the mall if you do.

Musical Chairs

Stitches waiting to happen.


I thought golf camp would be so cute for my 4-year-old. The first day he required stitches when another child's putter went way above putt level.


Oh, it's fun to watch them try and hit those colorful candy-containing devices ... until they hit someone else. A good rule to live by with toddlers: No sticks.

What games do you think are most dangerous for toddlers?

Image via ianmunroe/Flickr

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