Does Every Kid Have a Sticker Addiction?

hello kitty stickersThere are a few things in Kiddiedom that have mysterious magical powers. Take bubbles, for instance. Get a bubble wand and head to a park. Start blowing some goopy bubbles in the air. Soon, you will have a throng of children surrounding you. Okay, you may also have the police coming if you don't have your own child with you (someone would be dialing 911 -- there's that creepy lady with a bubble wand hanging around). The magic of bubbles I get: they float, they fly, they pop!

Another magical kid thing: marching. Every child likes to march. The easiest way to get my kid from Point A to Point B is to say, "Let's march! Hup two, three, four!" Granted, that means you too must march, which may be a bit embarrassing. I'd rather be a little red-cheeked than be late to soccer class for the third time. The magic of marching, I also get. It's pretend fun, it's a different way of walking, it's Mama being a little silly.

What else is magic? Stickers. This is one, folks, I just don't get.


Stickers. Those pages and pages of sticky little doodads. Kiddo loves them. Kiddo will spend hours -- okay, at least 46 minutes -- peeling them off and putting them on a piece of paper. Doesn't really matter what kind, though she does have her faves: dinosaur stickers, butterfly stickers, flower stickers, and, of course, Hello Kitty stickers. As she peels them off, I often get some sort of description of them ("Oh, Mama, look at this butterfly, she's soooo pretty!"). She'll arrange them in rows, in patterns, until the whole page is covered. 

What is it about stickers? Is it a control thing -- that she gets to pick which one she wants, she gets to place it on the paper exactly where she wants? She loves coloring, drawing, and painting -- are stickers another form of art medium? And it isn't just my child. All of Kiddo's friends (boy, girl, doesn't matter) love them.

I just don't get the attraction -- especially since once you peel it off and stick it on, you're kinda done. I remember having stickers (the scratch-and-sniff kind), but I don't remember being so into them.

But you know what, it doesn't matter. I'm gonna just add it to the list of things about Kiddo I love but will never understand. If stickers have a magic beyond my comprehension, so be it. The good thing is they're cheap!

Is your toddler obsessed with stickers?

Image via Enokson/Flickr

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