'Athletic Gene' Test for Bad Parents

athletic gene test for bad parentsThink your kid has All-Star potential? Why not completely set them up for failure by ordering this new home test to see if they've got the genetic material to be superstar athletes? You too, could be one of those horror stories behind Olympic gold medalist kids with driven parents living out their own disappointments in life through their children. Hell, why not just make it your own personal goal to be the Joe Jackson of children's athletics?

Obviously, this genetic test that parents can purchase for $169 that identifies strength, speed, and other genetic indicators that your child is an athlete has rubbed me the wrong way. And it should freak you out if you stopped and thought, "Hey, maybe my 4-year-old could use a little perspective ... "

Stop the over-parenting madness. Especially when it comes to kids' sports.


The other obvious problem with these tests that are trickling into the market is the false hope they give parents and kids. One gene in particular, the ACTN3, which shows an ability for explosive bursts of strength, may sound like your kid has a superhero gene, but the fact of the matter is 80% of us have this gene. And 80% of us are not professional athletes. And one Olympic athlete from Spain was in the rare 20% that tested negative for this gene. So basically, it's completely useless.

Still, you know those hyper parents who will be clamoring for this test, just to see if their kid has what it takes to first make the travel team, then on to the big time. And you don't want to be that parent. Let your kids love sports, and encourage them every step of the way. But once you start talking destiny, and drive, and focusing on winning above all else -- you're basically asking your child to write a Mommie Dearest-esque tell-all about you when they finally realize they hate you. Is that worth a championship ring?

Would you get this genetic test for your kids?


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