My Toddler's Poop Talk Grosses Me Out

toddlers and poop
Did ya' hear the one about the farting pig?
Oh toddlers, you wonderful, silly, disgusting, little animals. If you're not eating your boogers, you're having a scatological discussion at high volume. Or maybe that's just my kids. But from what I've seen, or rather heard, anytime more than one kid gets together the talk inevitably turns to poop. Or pee. Or farting. Yes, it's hilarious. But it's also disgusting and can ruin an otherwise lovely snack time.

While we've managed to curb the feces talk when my daughter isn't hanging out with -- and trying to impress -- her friends (who are largely boys, by the way), once a group forms all bets are off. I find myself wondering if other parents just don't mind the crap yakking. Or maybe since they are boys, they've just given up?


Regardless, I haven't stopped the attempts to curb the gross-out humor. Luckily parenting expert extraordinaire, Brett Berk has advice for parents like me, who are tired of the bathroom chatter. And while this opens up another can of worms (I actually had someone else's toddler show me how he eats his "ear boogers") remembering E.A.R. can help you dig your way out of rapidly disintegrating dinner conversation. Remember this, to keep the convo on track:

Explain: Calmly tell them what your rules are. ("We don't use that kind of language at the dinner table.")

Adjust: Give them the scaffolding needed to comprehend this information. ("It's gross to talk about that stuff when we're trying to eat.")

Redirect: Provide them with viable and approved options for what they can do instead. ("You can say that all you want in the bathroom, or when you're alone in your bedroom.")

If the poop talk bugs you, test this out in your home and on playdates. I know I will.

Does your toddler love gross-out humor?

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