Shocking Flu Find: What Is Making Your Kid Sick?

box of tissuesWe are on Round 5 of the flu in our home. Fevers, aches, you name it, we've had it. When my daughter is sick, that means five hours of Busytown Mysteries, complete with the theme song about Huckle, the one that sticks with you long after the sniffles are gone.

In my kiddo's class, germs are passed around like the potato chips at a Super Bowl party. Like a beer bong at a frat house. Like a juicy piece of gossip.

Chalk it up to part of growing up, right? Kids will get sick. Doesn't matter who they are around, if they are in the classroom, they will get sick. But a new study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says not necessarily.


After looking at how the H1N1 flu spread in one hard hit area of Pennsylvania, researchers found you weren't more likely to get the flu just by sitting next to a sick kid. No, the flu spreads faster from boy to boy and girl to girl.

That makes sense to me. Usually, boys play more with boys, and girls hang with girls. Sure, she has some guy buds in her class, but more often than not, my daughter is playing with other girls.

Okay ... but how does this news help me? It's not like I can tell my daughter not to play with Maddy or Julia or insert the name of her BBF of the week. The study was done to document how the flu is spread to see if school closings are appropriate during an outbreak, useful during an epidemic, which is great.

But, do you know what I really need? A study on how to get that blasted cartoon's theme song outta my head.

Will you keep your child away from same sex friends in an effort to prevent the flu?


Image via profernity/Flickr

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