So Now Antibiotics Are Good?

antibiotics and kidsAnother study has me completely confused on what half-baked theory I'm going to hoist onto my pediatrician next. Does anyone else long for the days when there was no Dr. Google, and we just took our doctor's advice, without showing her studies and websites?

Well, that golden era of ignorance is not coming back, so let's just keep on overreacting to everything we read, okay? Like this study that says the best way to treat an acute ear infection in children six months to three years old is with antibiotics.

If your child has ever had a never-ending ear infection, you probably already know this. But for those of us who just power through childhood illnesses, avoiding antibiotics lest our kiddo really need them later, this is big news.

Except the children in the study didn't escape unscathed, and at a closer look the numbers aren't all that impressive.


While the children who received placebos still had a decent success rate (74% got better after the seventh day, compared to 80% of those on antibiotics), 48% of the children on antibiotics reported diarrhea or loose stool. Something else that's a little scary, and a lot unpleasant, in a baby or toddler.

At the same time, if you can offer a little relief in a very painful kid ailment, maybe you should ask for the drugs. And hope they've invented even more super antibiotics to fight the super bugs of the future.

Are you more likely to ask for antibiotics for your child after reading this?


Image via John Loo/Flickr

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