Toddlers 20 Degrees Warmer Than Adults

toddlers aren't cold
Princesses Don't Feel Wind Chill
Or at least that's the assumption I'm making after multiple incidents of, "I'm not cold!" declarations followed by my 4-year-old stripping down in 40-degree weather. At first I thought she was already becoming a slave to fashion (you can't wear a jacket over a princess dress, after all) but then I realized the kid didn't have a goose bump on her.

How is that possible? I'm huddling in front of the space heater due to unexpected chill + no heat in a Southern California home, and she's racing around in her fairy dress. Then of course, it hits me. If I pranced around the house, I'd probably be quite toasty too.

Still, this chill-defiant attitude prevails in the morning before we go to school, at night when she throws her covers off, and especially when she decides she doesn't want to wear the green sweater that her mom thinks is so awesome, but she has deemed "ugly."

Here's how I convince my daughter to put some clothes on, already.


Challenge #1 -- "But I'm not cold!"

If your toddler is inside and cannot possibly fathom that it is colder outside as many short-sighted toddlers do -- this is the most common refrain you will hear. Pretend you don't hear them, just as they do you. Continue to dress your toddler in warm clothes, even as she begs and pleads to wear a sundress. Alternately, if there is no danger of frostbite, let her go outside without any warm clothes on until she realizes you're right. Try very hard not to gloat when she returns asking for a coat.

Challenge #2 -- The Ugly Sweater

Here's where good options are still useful in the toddler behavior arsenal. Hold up "ugly" sweater (I swear, it's totally adorable no matter what my girl says), then hold up daddy's torn up sweatshirt. Allow her to choose which one she wants to wear in front of her friends. Beware the smartass toddler, who knows how to spite you.

Challenge #3 -- The Princess Dress/Superhero Costume

Since dress-up is pretty much sacred, this is a toughie. So I've devised a scenario that involves me getting involved in the make-believe. Which, quite frankly, she wants me to do anyway. In the magical land of Metropolis/Makebelieve/On Stage, in 15 minutes the Beautiful Princess/Wonder Woman will face an evil villain that will freeze her on site. She must bundle up with as many layers before that time. (Note, this must be mixed up as to not get old. Yes, this means no scanning the Internet during playtime anymore. Sorry about that.)

What do you do when your toddler refuses to put on some clothes?


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