Expanding the Toddler Attention Span: Christmas Toys With Mileage

toddler toys attention spanGetting a toddler to sit still for any amount of time is, quite frankly, a useless task. Toddlers are as inquisitive and active as one should be who is seeing so many things for the first time. However, my toddler stopped in his tracks this Christmas when presented with a load of gifts from Grandmothers, Aunts and Uncles, and Santa.

Instead of his usual daily activities of climbing on top of the dining room table and chasing the dog, my boy was absolutely mesmerized with each and every toy he was lucky enough to receive. So much so we debated having Christmas become a quarterly event in our house.

I realize this is an expensive solution to an adorable problem, but if you're stuck inside due to a blizzard, you're going to want these toys that kept our boy rapt (in order of most time spent per activity):



Dance Star Mickey

A little freaky having Mickey kick out the jams, but as you can see he keeps the kids entertained, and how. Even better, our boy has learned some fresh moves of his own thanks to Mickey's booty shaking.

best toddler toysStory Reader 2.0

I was skeptical when a friend gave this to my son, because I love reading books to him and don't want some computer taking my place (imagine that being said in crotchety old person voice). But I have to say the Sesame Street cartridge of Story Reader allowed my husband and I to get through an entire dinner uninterrupted. We'll be busting this out in attention emergencies in 2011.

best toddler toysHex Bug

We first learned about these from another toddler who was obsessed with these very real bug-like electronic creatures from Nano. If you see one from across the room you will run to smash it with your foot. But your toddler will spend hours chasing it around, under, and through your house -- intermittently grabbing it and squealing, "Bug!"

best toddler toysWinnie the Pooh

And as he starts to get all tuckered out, there was no one he would rather curl up with than Winnie the Pooh. Winnie has rarely left his side since Christmas. Awwwww!

What was your most successful toddler toy this holiday?

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