How Fast Our Kids Grow: Watch (Video)

25 Years of ChristmasA video circulating around the Web titled 25 Years of Christmas is sparking floods of tears from parents everywhere who watch it. It's a compilation of videos one dad took every year on Christmas morning. There he would wait at the bottom of the stairs with video camera in hand as his family descended to embark on the excitement-filled morning year after year.

The son seen in the video, Nick Confalone, put together the footage into this one amazing video. It's short -- just a little under three minutes -- but it tells so much. It begins in 1985 when the little girl is in her mother's arms and the boy is a toddler, and it continues for 25 years. You see the children grow and change, go through stages, and become adults, even adding a husband along the way. Check it out, but be warned, it will pull on your heartstrings.


See what I mean?

It's so moving to see lives change and evolve so quickly in such a short time, because that's how it seems to go in life too. While the days of parenting can be long and hard, we blink and our children aren't children anymore.  At least (at the very least) I bet I get stopped about three times a week by older women, sometimes men, in the market or post office or wherever I am with my two children. I can tell by the sweet smile and the nostalgic tilt of their heads what they're going to say before they say it: "Enjoy them, those days go so fast."

Sometimes it's easy to forget and to wish the days away -- I can't wait until she's potty trained, won't it be great when we can leave them alone unsupervised while we run out and do an errand, how much longer until we actually get to sleep in again? But it's the comments from strangers and examples like this that make me want to slow everything down, let them stay in diapers as long as they like, and just soak up this sweet, beautiful time.

Do you have any family traditions that capture your children's growth over the years?


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