Zhu Zhu Pet Vs. Toddler Hair

Zhu Zhu PetIt was a rare quiet morning in our house as I went about making breakfast and getting backpacks together for school. Sesame Street was humming in the background, peppered by the little peeps of those Zhu Zhu Pets as my 23-month-old daughter and 7-year-old son played together blessedly without fighting.

Then all of a sudden there was SHRIEKING and crying and "MOM!!!!!!!!!!"

I rushed in to find a Zhu Zhu Pet attached to my daughter's head. Its little wheels had wound their way around some of her long curly locks, and like a rabid-squirrel, it wasn't about to let go. Forward and backward it kept going, squeaking endlessly as my daughter cried in horror.

How do you shut this thing off?!!! I couldn't reach the switch because it was too wound up in her hair, and she was moving all around from the terror of it all. Meanwhile my 7-year-old was screaming, "They can't have hair on their wheels! She will RUIN it!!!"


In the end, I screamed for my husband to bring me the scissors, and my daughter got her first haircut.

I don't really blame the Zhu Zhu pet, though it really pissed me off plenty at the time. Any toy with wheels could do the same, and the warning does say for ages 4 and older. More than anyone I probably blame Laurie Berkner for her catchy little tune "Pig on Your Head" that makes my daughter want to put everything from yogurt to Zhu Zhu pets on her head.

But really, toddler hair is just destined for disaster, and it seems every parent has their tale.

Numerous people have told me their own Zhu Zhu Pet hair horrors.

"Sophie did the same thing," one friend told me. "Right after I told her to keep it from her long hair. She said she wanted to see what would happen. LOL."

Another recounted her days as a child getting a Barbie hair-twisting machine cut out of her own hair as a child. Yet another told me of cutting Thomas the Train from her daughter's long beautiful tresses.

For other parents, their toddler hair nightmares have come from scissors in the wrong hands -- like those of another toddler. Whether playing beauty shop or just to see what happens, many a parent has found a child with new "bangs" and holes about their head. It's amazing how much hair even safety scissors can cut! 

Hopefully, there are no family pictures to be taken after such disasters, and if there are, bows and headbands can do wonders. If not, there are always hats.

What's your worst toddler hair tale?

Image via toysrus

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