5 Indestructible Toddler Toy Gifts

indestructible toddler toysNo one wants to have broken toy parts mucking up their holidays, so when you shop around, avoid anything that looks like it would fare better up on the shelf. Also, if your toddler goes by the nickname "Tornado," "Destruct-o," or "Hey! Put that down!" you're going to want to go sturdy for the holiday gifts this year.

I've road-tested the following toddler toys with my 21-month-old toy-crushing machine, so I can personally attest to their indestructibility. Put these five tough toddler toys under the tree this Christmas, and your little one will still have something to play with in the new year. 



StrangeCo Wish Come True

These little guys are arty and sturdy. Having gone through not one, but two toddlers in my home, I can say these Wish Come True toys ($14.99) that are as pleasing to adults as to the kiddos are un-breakable by tiny (yet strong) hands. Buy two if you have a little guy who likes to double fist his holiday gifts.

indestructible toddler toysGreen Toys Recycling Truck

My son has had this recycling truck ($24.99) since last Christmas, when he was just a very tough baby. Not only does it not have a scratch on its surface, when he tried to eat it, I didn't bat an eye because it's made from all green materials. No BPAs here, Green Toys are safe enough to eat. If you're a toddler that goes that way.

indestructible toddler toysKid-Tough Music Player

There's a reason Fisher-Price calls these toys Kid-Tough, and my toddler is that reason. FP sent us one of these music players ($49.99) to test out and my budding lead singer couldn't keep his tiny hands off the easy to push buttons and mini-microphone. It also stores music, as well as offering some standard kid fare, so it's a real machine. A machine that can take a toddler beating.

indestructible toddler toysMelissa & Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks

These chunky beginner pattern blocks ($14.37) foil any toddler looking to trash his latest toy. My son's very smart auntie got him these for Hanukkah and there's nothing to tear up here. He plays with them every day, which means we're ducking flying triangles, but also that these toddler puzzles are a winner.

indestructible toddler toysLearn in the Tub Bath Books

Oh, you have a toddler that loves to rip pages out of books, too? Grab The Castle bath book ($11.75) not because the kiddo on your list must read while bathing, but because they can't tear these things to shreds.


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