Splendid Littles Coming to Target!

Splendid Littles for TargetIn some of the most splendid news for kids' clothing ever, Splendid Littles is coming to Target.

According to MomFinds, the line will hit stores December 26, so don't get too burnt out shopping before Christmas.

If you're not familiar with this clothing, it's adorable. Soft, colorful, comfortable, and non-fussy. It's not overly trendy, but still incredibly cute. Basically, your perfect toddler clothing.

Harlow Madden, Violet and Seraphina Affleck, Suri Cruise, and other children of stars are regularly spotted in these clothes. And typically, only someone on a star's salary can afford the stuff if you can't find it on sale at one of the pricey boutiques that carries it.


But now at Target it's going to be starting at just $6.99, and I can't wait to go scoop some up. For example, the purple cardigan above is $13, and the dress $15. Not bad considering I was totally tempted to plunk down almost $70 last summer for an almost identical dress for my daughter. I didn't do it, but oh, I wanted to!

You can see a few more of the pieces that are supposed to be coming to Target at MomFinds, but here are a couple of my favorites from their current full-priced line that I'm hoping to see replicated at Target as well!

$75 Saks Fifth Avenue
Ruffled Tunic and Leggings I love clothing that comes in sets, so I don't have to worry about mixing and matching. Easy and adorable.

Splendid Plaid Jacket
$77; Splendid.com
Flannel Hoodie A flannel shirt and a sweatshirt all in one. Toddler tough!

Striped Toddler Dress by Splendid
$66; Splendid.com

Navy Striped Dress So French-looking, non? I love the red and navy, and what a perfect Memorial Day/Fourth of July/Labor Day look!

Are you excited to know Splendid Littles is coming to Target?

Image via MomFinds.com

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