How to Bring Everyday Magic Into Your Kids' Routine

tinkerbellThe following is a post from our sponsor, Disney Junior.

The feeling of magic surrounds us in our everyday routines. The joy from playing in the local park to getting ready for preschool each morning -- these are such exciting times for your child. Just take a look into your child’s eyes as you read their favorite bedtime story and feel the magic fill the room.


Tune in to Disney Junior this winter and experience a magical place where stories come alive, lovable friends play, and every day is a celebration of what it means to be a kid. Featuring the characters your child loves and the storytelling you can trust, Disney Junior invites parents to join their children in the Disney experience of magical, musical, and heartfelt stories and characters that encourage imagination and inspire happiness.

Disney’s lovable, kind-hearted characters are sure to bring magic to your child’s daily routine. The shows will make them laugh, sing, dance, and feel something special in their heart.

How do you bring everyday magic into your kid’s routine?

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