Kids' Hats, Gloves & More: Saturday Sales

fair isle hatI sent my child off to school this week with a hat, scarf and gloves and just crossed my fingers that all of them would come back home. 'Tis the season of lost accessories, and the best you can do, Mom, is stock up on a ton so you never have to send your kids out in the cold without protection.

For this week's dose of Saturday sales, we're making it a little less painful when they lose everything with big savings on hats, gloves, scarves and more.

  • This fun fair isle hat will be easier to find when they drop it in the snow thanks to the bright orange stripe around the brim. Get it for $16.99 (usually $22) at Janie & Jack this week.
  • A fleecey hat with fun teddy bear ears won't claw at your wallet thanks to the $4.99 price tag at LL. Bean this weekend; that's 65 percent off in blue or pink.
  • Who's a better expert on keeping kids warm than Polarn O. Pyret, a company straight out of Sweden? They're signature hats are half off at The Mini Social this week -- get them for $9. The site's invitation only, but you can get in for free. But be quick; the sale ends Monday.
  • What's better than a pair of Star Wars gloves for your little Jedi? A three-pair-pack of Star Wars gloves that's on sale for $6.99 at Amazon.
  • Grab an extra pair of mittens for your little girl who always loses just one. Cute cable knit will keep out the cold with this pair from Gap Kids for $12.99 (usually $14.50).tinkerbell hat
  • If your kid is smitten with their mittens they might not lose them. Try the cute critters from Knitwits by Delux -- they're on sale for $21.99 at Zulily through Monday, December 13.
  • Flip-top gloves make it easier for little hands to grab doorknobs and handle everything when they want to do it themselves, and they're on sale for $5 at The Children's Place, down from $8.50.
  • Remember Freezy Freakies? They're back! The mittens that sport a temperature-dependent picture change are on sale for $9.95 (about half off) at Amazon so you can indulge in the memories.
  • Trap the heat inside your little Tinkerbell with a three-piece kit that includes earmuffs, a scarf and gloves, on sale for $11.49 (from $16.99) for the whole thing at Amazon.


Images via Janie & Jack/Amazon

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